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What is Paintball?

Paintball is a sport which can be enjoyed by almost everyone, combining fun, fitness, initiative and teamwork.  Originating in the USA, it has now become one of the fastest growing sports in Europe.

How the game is played:

The game is played by dividing the players into two equal teams. Each game has an objective and time limit. The teams start each game from opposite ends of the “field” and attempt to achieve their objective with a combination of speed, tactics and by eliminating opposing players  with paintballs which contain a colour dye marking on contact when the shell bursts to indicate a hit. In some games a hit means that the player is eliminated for the remainder of the game but, in many, a player may have numerous lives and may re-enter a game after being hit. At the end of the day scores for each game are totalled and the winning team announced.

What to expect when you arrive:

You will need to register, at which point you receive your own personal ID for the day.  The group will then be given a safety briefing, prior to collecting your paintball markers and going out for the first game.  Each team will have a designated team marshal.  Unless in the specified safe area, you should be wearing goggles at all times. No paintball markers are allowed in the safe area unless brought in by marshalling staff and only paintballs supplied by us are allowed on site.


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