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The most traditional of our paintball scenarios, this allows you to ease yourself into the game, giving plenty of cover whilst drawing upon the skills of stealth and the element of surprise, both of which are needed in a woodland game.


The Fort

For those who like the thrill of close quarters urban combat, we have now introduced The Fort.  Securely built on numerous levels, with both stairs and battlements, this provides a high adrenaline, fast action game – not for the faint hearted!  This is, however, not Helms Deep so no tossing the vertically challenged!


Enemy HQ: The petroleum depot

The Challenge experience is enhanced by the presence of various military vehicles, (including soviet armour, a BV202, 434 and a FUG OT64), around the site for the authentic feel and by the varied game scenarios brought to you by a friendly team of marshals who include currently serving or ex-serving Royal Marines and British Army, helping you to achieve your mission objectives.


UNIQUE - Sup-Air Field

Designed for TV coverage and maximum spectator visability. Paintball has come out of the woods and into the open for purpose built, modern, TV friendly paintball. From years of experience, we can offer you the challenge of a woodland site, requiring stealth and concentration, knowing when to fire and when to take cover; together with the fast action game of a speedball field, requiring the skills of teamwork, communication, and 'watching the angles' to eliminate the opposition.  Very much like a game of chess, the sup-air field incorporates speed, anticipating the opponents next move and always being one step ahead.



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