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Assault Course

Tough, muddy and wet - a commando style assault course

                                      .... and it's not just for the boys!!

This activity is one of our most popular activities.  The course has all the usual suspects including a scramble net, rope bridges, balance beams, monkey bars, tunnels, the wall and floating "stepping stones" for a 'total wipeout'.  It is designed to test you mentally and physically as well as test your ability to work together as part of a team.  You can take the easier route or opt for 'total wipeout' but be prepared to get wet!  And, for our corporate clients seeking to organise a team building day, additional initiative tasks are available, tailored to suit your group, dependant upon your requirements and the time available.

A great way to break down barriers and see what you're capable of!

The timer's on. Test your G&D and get a real buzz from knowing you did it!

Over and Under

We'll start off by making it easy  ...


Balance Bars

Then it gets a little harder!

Climb and Roll

Angled ascent 


Walk the plank

And an introduction to water!


Smarties can work out the technique for getting through the tube in the quickest time.

Monkeying around

Swing into action.

Hang on ...  there could be a risk you get wet!

The Wall

Scale the 6ft 6" wall  ...  help is on hand if needed!

Rope Crossing

Parellel ropes - can you hold on?

Now it's your choice to turn back or go for 'total wipeout!'

Water Wading

Still dry? You won't be now!

Stepping Stones

it sounds so easy!

(but, as some have nicknamed it ...

'total wipeout!')

13 giant floating steps - unlucky for some (in this case, for most)!

Try to beat the highest score.

Take the strain

A good old fashioned tug of war but we couldn't leave out the risk of getting wet!

More photo's to follow....

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